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Why Laser Therapy Heals & Relieves Pain


Laser therapy uses focused red and infrared light to stimulate tissue at and below the skin surface. In the simplest terms, laser therapy uses light energy to heal the body from within on a cellular level. Used for decades in humans and more widely in sports medicine, it is non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless. Photons of light are gently streamed over the affected area.

Some of the well-known biological effects of laser are cartilage stimulation, production of fibroblasts (the cells that create healing tissue), enhancement of immune cells to combat pathogens, and increasing the blood supply of the healing tissue. More than 3,000 scientific publications have been written validating laser therapy's effectiveness.

Why laser therapy works:

  • Decreases inflammation and edema (enhances white blood cell activity and lymphatic drainage, strengthens cells)
  • Stimulates cartilage production and nerve regeneration
  • Accelerates wound healing and tissue repair (stimulates collagen and fibroblast production)
  • Increases circulation (important to healing)
  • Decreases pain (produces endorphins and releases serotonin)
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Simulates acupuncture points

Common indications for laser therapy

  • Arthritis (degenerative joint disease)
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Wound and trauma to the skin, muscle, or bone

Other indications for laser therapy include muscle spasms, trigger points, areas of decreased circulation, inflammation, scar tissue, contracture, and joint swelling.

Learn more about therapeutic laser from ABC News.

To discuss if laser therapy is right for your dog or cat, please contact us.

"On several occasions, Dr. Hammel administered acupuncture to help Stone, our aging Black Lab. He was like a babe in her arms and the relaxing effects of the procedure seemed to help his mobility. It was a spa treatment for him with healthful results. " – Chris S.
"When Gracie had her hip surgery, the surgeon referred me to Dr. Hammel for physical rehabilitation to speed her recovery. She steadily improved and now plays just as hard as our puppy! I think she misses her rehab sessions though!" – Patrick H.
"Cody, our 12-year-old German Shepherd, has osteoarthritis and difficulty walking. He has been coming to VRCC for physical rehab and it is helping him tremendously. He feels better, has started playing again, and is now able to go for walks. Cody loves his rehab sessions, especially the underwater treadmill!" – Becca P.
"You can tell that Dr. Hammel cares about each pet and treats them as if they are her own. My dog always feels right at home with VRCC and I love the excellent care she receives there!" – Missy S.

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