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Exceptional Veterinary Rehabilitation Care for Pets

Why Veterinary Rehabilitation Aids Recovery from Surgery & Injury

post surgery rehab therapy

When an injury occurs to a muscle, tendon, or bone, there is a natural tendency to shift weight away from the injured area. While rest can be healing, too much rest leads to weak or inflexible tissues.

Without proper rehabilitative therapy after an injury or orthopedic surgery, unwanted complications can become permanent and may significantly affect an animal's quality of life. The wrong type of exercise can be harmful and lead to further injury. The purpose of rehabilitation is to prevent and correct these unwanted consequences. Our goal is to return your animal to full function.

After an injury or surgery, natural protective mechanisms, like fibrosis and scar tissue, form in the body. If disuse continues, harmful scarring or hardening of flexible tissue in the muscle, tendon, and bone can occur. Contraction of ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules will cause pain and a decrease in the normal range of motion in the joint. This can affect the whole musculosketal system and increase strain in other areas.

Post-Surgical Care

Rehabilitation and conditioning therapy greatly assists post-operative recovery.  Studies show that surgical patients who participate in a rehabilitation program recover faster.

Veterinary rehabilitation is helpful following a variety of orthopedic repair surgeries:

Rehabilitation as an Option and Alternative to Surgery
Under some circumstances, rehabilitation or conditioning may be used as an alternative to orthopedic surgery. In fact, selected conditions respond more favorably to rehabilitation than to surgery.

Contact us to learn about the progress your pet can enjoy after injury or surgery through rehabilitation treatment.

"On several occasions, Dr. Hammel administered acupuncture to help Stone, our aging Black Lab. He was like a babe in her arms and the relaxing effects of the procedure seemed to help his mobility. It was a spa treatment for him with healthful results. " – Chris S.
"When Gracie had her hip surgery, the surgeon referred me to Dr. Hammel for physical rehabilitation to speed her recovery. She steadily improved and now plays just as hard as our puppy! I think she misses her rehab sessions though!" – Patrick H.
"Cody, our 12-year-old German Shepherd, has osteoarthritis and difficulty walking. He has been coming to VRCC for physical rehab and it is helping him tremendously. He feels better, has started playing again, and is now able to go for walks. Cody loves his rehab sessions, especially the underwater treadmill!" – Becca P.
"You can tell that Dr. Hammel cares about each pet and treats them as if they are her own. My dog always feels right at home with VRCC and I love the excellent care she receives there!" – Missy S.

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